Study Abroad: The Experience

As many of you know, I recently returned from my semester studying abroad at Montclair State University in New Jersey, USA and I can honestly say (much to uphold the existing clichés) that these have been some of the best months of my life. I had so many amazing experiences and met the most wonderful people in the world and I could not be more thankful for the time I had there.

I had the opportunity to travel into New York City every weekend, go to the hundreds of amazing on campus events that the university puts on, travel to Connecticut to visit my old friends and visit many other states with my new ones. I volunteered at the NYC marathon, I worked for the Victoria Secret’s Pink Campus Team, I completed public relations work for a small local performing arts school. It’s been crazy. But I can honestly say that a semester abroad is 100% what you make of it. You might encounter a few difficulties when you first arrive, but take every single chance that comes your way. Make friends with the other international kids that you’ll be living with because they are some of the craziest and most interesting people you will meet in your entire life (and they throw the best parties). Go to all of the events at the university, that’s where you’ll make your best memories. When I first arrived I struggled slightly to make friends, but I ended up switching into a double room with a person I can now call one of my closest friends and from there on out the entire experience was incredible and I made so many friends who I now miss dearly.

I have about a million stories that I could tell but instead I’m going to leave you with this short video of my time in Montclair. But my advice is to always go for the opportunities presented to you: plan that trip to New York or Pennsylvania, go see the Friday night WHAM movies with your friends, and go down to the vending machines on the first floor at midnight when you and your roommate are craving some chocolate! That’s how you make some of the best memories and the closest friends of your life.

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