My Opinion on Moz The Monster.

There are certain things that everybody loves about Christmas time: the family, the food, the festivities. But one of my favourite Christmas traditions by far, has to be the annual release of the John Lewis Christmas Advert. Every year I eagerly await it’s arrival to see what emotional genius the employees in the marketing department have come up with this year. I sit in anticipation, tv remote in hand, ready to throw myself into some serious ad watching.

This year, John Lewis went with a monster themed ad with the tag #mozthemonster, centred around a young boy and the monster he finds under his bed. The advert goes on to tell the story of how the boy befriends this monster and they stay up all night laughing and having fun. However, the monster realises that the lack of sleep the boy is getting is affecting his everyday life, and so for christmas the monster gives the boy a night light, and the boy gets his sleep – monster free.

Here is a link to the ad – for those who haven’t already seen it! It is worth checking it out:


I have to admit – this was not my favourite John Lewis advert. I think that in other years, the adverts released have presented much more heartwarming and emotionally moving stories. Me and my mother have sat many christmases, with tissues at the ready, crying our eyes out probably an unjustifiable amount over these adverts. Yet this year, I was not as moved. Yes, I thought it was sweet, and I love the relationship that John Lewis built between the monster and the boy, but I didn’t feel the usual Christmassy attachment. This is an advert that could have been released any time of year and did not particularly make me feel the festive love of giving to friends and family at Christmas.

Furthermore, I was unhappy with the ending of the advert. I have discussed this with my friends and family and I accept that the boy had to separate from the monster in order to get his sleep. However, I do not think this is a very festive message! Christmas is a time to spend with those that you love, and the boy grew to love the monster very strongly, so I was very upset when the two had to leave each other in the end; even with the short tease of the night light being switched off at the last second of the ad.

Personally, I think that the advert could have been a lot stronger, more emotionally gripping, if for example, the monster went missing and the boy went out to find him and they were reunited on Christmas for some reason. Or, if the boy and the monster left each other at night, but he received a monster toy for Christmas so they could continue playing together during the day.

It has been noticed that the campaign this year has not done as well as in previous years, with sources stating that this advert is the one that has generated the least conversation on social media platforms. Furthermore, many conversations I have had and discussions I have witnessed on social media have not been discussing this years John Lewis advert, but which advert from previous years they preferred. I think this just illustrates the public’s opinion and response to the 2017 campaign.

Overall, Moz the Monster was a good advert, I enjoyed watching it and the story made me smile. However, I do not think it was up to the usual John Lewis Christmas advert standards and it did fail to make me cry, like the adverts I have watched in the past. But, I look forward to seeing what John Lewis come up with next year and for now I will keep my eye out for a Moz under my bed.

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